group volunteer

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Enjoy team building and hands-on work that provides diapers to nearly 4,000 children monthly. Your group will learn about diaper need and HappyBottoms operations, receive project specific training, and have time for taking photos and reflecting upon your accomplishments. Shifts are typically 2 hours and involve a limited number of volunteers who can maintain a 6 foot distance from each other.

Contact to learn more about upcoming events, virtual educational opportunities, hosting an online diaper drive, joining the Diaper League and other meaningful opportunities for your group.

  • diaper preparation and fulfillment

    Enjoy knowing that the diapers you wrap and orders you fulfill will be distributed to local children within the month. Tasks may include opening diaper boxes, counting diapers, wrapping packages, attaching labels, placing packages onto carts to fulfill orders, placing packages into bags, filling out bag tags, loading diapers onto vehicles, recycling and light cleaning.

  • wrap hospital diapers monthly

    Your group may commit to a monthly shift to wrap and prepare diaper packages that are distributed to newborns through our hospital partners.


  • cleaning

    Create a clean environment for staff, volunteers, visitors and the millions of diapers distributed each year from the warehouse.

  • High School Opportunities

    Join us as an individual volunteer or bring a group. All students under the age of 18 must have parents sign a completed “minor volunteer waiver.” We will provide confirmation of volunteer hours upon request.